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Using my experience and knowledge of over 10 years in Social Media Marketing, I now help small business owners create a strategy that works for them!

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Where it all began...

My love for the creative industry began during school. I was always doodling and taking pictures during my spare time which led me to go to a specialist Art & Design college. There, I studied Graphic Design and Photography and once graduating, I was lucky enough to be accepted into one of the most prestigious creative universities in the UK. 
After moving to the other side of the country, I tried for months to 'get into it' but I realised that University wasn't for me. I moved back home and managed to be accepted into one of the best Apprenticeships in the North East where I was honoured to be taught the ropes of Digital Marketing by some of the region's best leaders.
This carved my career in Social Media Marketing and with a lot of hard work, I moved up quickly to being a full-time employee. 
Fast forward 7+ years and I had the opportunity to work with some large corporate brands and design agencies within the UK.

Unfortunately, there were a large number of redundancies during my last employment and whilst being on maternity leave with my eldest, I realised I had the opportunity to turn this into a positive and begin my freelance journey. 
With a 3 month old baby, I decided to start KMedia. Fast forward 4 years and I've got a successful Social Media Marketing agency where I'm able to help other small businesses around the world realise the potential of strategic marketing to level up their business, without burnout. 
In 2023, I founded The Business Mums, a supportive community of ambitious women around the world juggling the responsibility of motherhood and entrepreneurship. With two young kids, I understand the daily struggles of 'wearing all of the hats' and have formed a fantastic community where we offer online and in-person networking, workshops and more!
If you're also a Mum in Business, you can check out more about the group below including how you can join us.


The 'why'...

During early 2023, I was sick of missing out from attending networking events during the day due to having two small children at home. I decided to stop playing the victim and do something about it...
I created The Business Mums; my own child-friendly networking group for other females like myself! 
I've now got an online community of almost 4,000 other Mums in Business across the WORLD!

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I run the in-person networking events and workshops in County Durham and all meetings are fully child-friendly so you don't have to worry about additional child-care.
They take place at various times on different days to ensure as many people can attend as possible. The online community is open to everybody around the world!
Anybody who knows me, knows my two little ones are my absolute priority so running my business around them is what matters most to me.

Photo Credit: Beautiful Soul Tog

CIM Level 6 in Marketing

200+ businesses supported

Clients in the UK & overseas


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