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Social Media Power Hour

1-1 Power Hour

Service Description

A one hour online video call session where we can deep dive into your social media strategy and ensure it's aligned with your goals and business model. Are you struggling with your 'social media mojo'? ​ ​ Perhaps you're feeling stuck with: ​ What to post on social media? How often to share content? What stories do I need to share? How to optimise your account for full search-ability? How to get more sales through social media? ​ Join me for a 1-1 social media power hour where we can deep dive into your social media strategy to ensure it's fully aligned with you and your business goals. ​ For ONE HOUR we can chat through a live video call where I'll audit your current social accounts, provide recommendations for your strategy moving forward and provide actionable takeaways that you can work through to really see the power of strategic social media. ​ You'll leave the 1-1 video call feeling: ​ 💫 Energised and excited about creating social media content 💫 Less overwhelmed with there ever-changing algorithm 💫 Calm knowing you understand HOW you're going to show up on social media 💫 Prepared knowing what type of content you need to push 💫 Excited to jump back into social media and authentically showing up for your business You'll also have access to me via WhatsApp for 7 days after the call to ensure I'm there if you have any immediate questions.

  • 1 hour

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