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Power Hours

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Are you wanting to make more of an impact online? 

Give your digital marketing the attention it deserves.



Is a Power Hour the right service for you?

Are you lacking clarity with your digital marketing?

Have you tried new methods but not getting the results you want?


Are you constantly comparing your social media to other accounts? 


Are you stuck on the 4th or 5th page of Google and want to know the BEST tips to get you ranking higher? 


Do you struggle with a clear digital marketing strategy and being able to stick to it? 


Got loads of questions about how to improve your digital marketing but just don't know who to turn to? 

If any of these points are true for you, then my Power Hours could help you get out of your digital marketing 'funk'! 



What is a Power Hour?

A 1:1 Power Hour with myself will look like this... 
1️⃣ We'll have a discovery call - no more than 10-15 mins. I'll find out exactly what you feel you need support with and we'll see if we're a good fit! 

2️⃣ Once you're happy to go ahead, you'll get the option to select a suitable time and date for our call.

3️⃣ Before our call, I'll gather all the information I need from yourself so that I'm fully armed ahead of our call.

4️⃣ We'll have a 90 min video/audio call - which will be recorded and sent to you after the meeting for your reference (so you don't have to rush writing a notebook full of notes)! 

5️⃣ There will be a 60 minute intensive, 15 min introduction and 15 min for Q&A.

6️⃣ As an AMAZING added bonus, you'll also get ONE WEEK worth of WhatsApp support from myself where you'll have the chance to ask any questions, anytime! 


 What can I cover in a Power Hour?


I can offer my 1:1 Power Hours in either SEO or Social Media! 

 What's the investment?

To get my full 11 years of knowledge and experience crammed into 60 intense minutes on your chosen areas here is the investment breakdown: 

🚀 1:1 focusing ONLY on your pain points for YOUR audience and YOUR business

🚀 My research before the call to ensure I have ALL the information I need to give YOU the best possible advice 

🚀 15 mins for an intro, including your goals and expectations 

🚀 60 mins of intensive learning for you on your specific pain points 

🚀 15 mins at the end of the call for specific Q&A 

🚀 ONE WEEK of WhatsApp support from myself. If you have any questions regarding anything we covered or anything else regarding digital marketing for your biz, you'll have access to me via WhatsApp for 7 days after the call.


The total investment for an intense Power Hour with myself is £150. 

If you have any questions about my Power Hours please contact me.

If you have any queries or would like to know more, please get in touch.

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