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What to post on your stories vs feed

Have you ever questioned yourself on what to post on your stories and feed?

It can be super confusing to know what to post and where to post it and that's where I am going to help you! ⬇️

Ever had a content mind-blank? 🙋🏽‍♀️

I've broken this down so it's suuuuuper easy for you to follow. Please remember that this is only a teeny tiny snippet of content ideas you can utilise on your social media platforms!

What to post on your stories:

✨ Mini training videos

✨ A day in the life of YOU

✨ A mini quiz

✨ Sell your services / products

✨ Share testimonials

✨ Share local businesses

✨ Share business processes

✨ Talk to your customers

What to post on your feed:

✨ Provide tips / tricks (free info!)

✨ Introduce yourself / your business

✨ Sell your services / products

✨ Relatable memes / quotes

✨ Share testimonials

✨ Educational posts

As I mentioned, these are just a teeny taster of what you could be posting on your stories and feed.

You should have received your 30 day content calendar when singing up to my newsletter (if you haven't please contact me) and this includes a load more of ideas you can personalise and use on your social media channels.

P.S: These tips apply to both Facebook and Instagram!

Remember, you should be showing up at least ONCE a day on your stories and at least TWICE a week on your feed.


When posting on your stories, make sure you include at least ONCE story per day which includes some form of engagement piece. You want to always be actively engaging with your followers.

Here are some examples:

👉🏼 Poll (yes/no or this/that)

👉🏼 Ask me a question sticker

👉🏼 Countdown (encourage viewers to turn on notifications)

👉🏼 Emoji slider sticker

👉🏼 Quiz

For more information, please contact me here.

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