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The importance of goal setting and structured planning

You’ve thought of a new business idea and you are ready to go smash it – but do you know what smashing it actually looks like?

Have you taken the time to sit down and write out your goals?

Did you know that you are over 40% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down for instance?

It is really easy when you’re starting out, in fact, it’s really easy at any point to jump in feet first and just hope for the best, however, more often than not you will find yourself frantically trying to doing lots of things without actually getting any closer to what it is you want to achieve.

Setting a goal is the first step towards moulding the future you want. To achieve a goal or a vision, it is crucial you take the time to set goals and utilise structured planning for how you are going to enable your vision to happen.

To help you out, I’ve pulled together some top tips to help you maximise your goal setting and to practice structured planning...

1️⃣ Write down what you want to achieve – committing to paper, as exampled above, means you can remind yourself exactly what you are trying to achieve.

2️⃣ Work SMART – to make your goals actionable, they should follow the SMART planning principles which are:

Specific – ensure that you are very clear on exactly what your goal is

Measurable – what metric are you going to use to measure your success?

Achievable – are you being realistic?

Relevant – ensure that your goals are in line with the rest of your efforts.

Time-frame – set a target date so that you remain focused.

3️⃣ Break your goals into small steps so that you don’t get overwhelmed, lose momentum or procrastinate.

4️⃣ Take time to plan – thorough and specific planning will help you to prioritise what needs to be done when and also reduces the risk of getting distracted.

5️⃣ Be specific with your deadlines.

6️⃣ Don’t over plan – focus on three goals at a time to increase your likelihood of success and to avoid going off track.

7️⃣ Be optimistic, but realistic – if you aim too high, you are more likely to feel discouraged.

8️⃣ Focus on short-term goals but ensure you review, adapt and evaluate your long-term goals regularly.

9️⃣ Reward yourself when you are successful.

It may feel like a bit of a waste of time but I promise you, taking the time to set goals and undertake structured planning to achieve them will ensure you are more productive and successful.

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