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Tagging users on Instagram

How should you tag other accounts on Instagram?

Tagging vs '@' mentioning an Instagram account…

Mentioning an account using the '@' is simply done in the caption...

Tagging an account is done on the image of your original post. Remember you can tag a number of accounts in the same image!

So... are you wondering why you would tag an account if you can simply just '@' mention them?

There TWO reasons...

1️⃣ '@' mentions show up in the regular notification feed and this can EASILY get lost! The feed generally only shows the first 100 notifications. So if an account gets 200 notifications, they will only see the last 100 and NOT the first 100.

2️⃣ When an account is tagged on Instagram, the content is instantly stored in a seperate tab on their Instagram profile. The tagged content is basically a HUGE gallery of user-generated content for a lot of brands!

To get the most exposure, I would always recommend using BOTH techniques. This ensures that viewers of the content get two chances to view who else is 'tagged' in the post! This catches anyone who might not neccessarily tap on an image to view tags.

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