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NEW Instagram feature you don't want to miss!

It might be a new year but Instagram is still exploring and experimenting with a whole host of new features to keep ahead of the competition.

One of the latest trials that Instagram are exploring is to enable users to re-arrange their profile photo grid. This feature would allow you to format previously post images into any order of your choice regardless of when you posted it and also allowing you to potentially pin certain posts to the top of your grid.

It would be a great way to focus posts you want to showcase to your visitors. Obviously, this would be a huge shift in how Instagram has historically allowed its users to order and display their content, but with their increasing push towards video, it seems like they are increasingly willing to experiment with main feeds and profile options.

Whilst there is lots of talk about how Instagram may shift to full-screen Stories and Reels as the main feed display, rather than static post feeds, no permanent changes have been announced yet.

For now, the best thing to do is to let Instagram continue to test and trial all their ideas over the next coming months and hopefully they will find a way to make it easier to showcase your best content.

KMedia will keep you updated and will let you know as soon as anything is officially announced by Instagram. 

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