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Facebook Algorithm Secrets

I've got some Facebook algorithm secrets to reveal to you all here...

In January 2021, Facebook released new details regarding its algorithm. Facebook takes every post available in your network and scores these posts according to certain ranking signals such as the type of post, recency etc.

It will then discard a post that you are unlikely to engage with based on your past behaviour. The algorithm also provides you with a variety of media types so your newsfeed is more 'interesting'.

Did you know that the average reach for an Facebook post is only 5.2%!? 😲

This statistic is declining year-on-year.

Also - the average engagement rate on an organic Facebook post is a shockingly low 0.25%.

Here are the four ranking signals to be aware of this year...

1️⃣ Relationship - who you typically interact with

2️⃣ Content type - video, link, image etc

3️⃣ Popularity - how many likes/engagements the post gets

4️⃣ Recency - newer posts are shown first

Here are 10 tips for working with the Facebook Algorithm in your favour in 2021...

1️⃣ Reply to your audience

2️⃣ Get your audience replying to eachother

3️⃣ Aim for 'love' more than 'likes'

4️⃣ Post when your audience is online

5️⃣ Use Facebook Stories

6️⃣ Utilise a branded Facebook group

7️⃣ Go live

8️⃣ Become a 'favourite' (encourage your followers to want to favourite your page)

9️⃣ Create longform video that keeps users engaged

🔟 Don't post clickbait!

Are you confident with your Facebook strategy? If you'd like some 1:1 time with me to discuss your social media, please book here.

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