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Email marketing top tips for small businesses

Email marketing is the King of digital marketing – compared to other marketing platforms, such as social media and direct mail, email marketing continues to record significantly higher conversion rates.

By utilising email marketing, you can deliver content directly and regularly to your clients.

However, there are some golden rules to bear in mind to ensure your email marketing campaigns are a success:

1) Avoid using ‘No-Reply’ in the sender’s email address: not only can using a No-Reply harm your email deliverability, but it also prevents your contacts from being able to communicate with you which defeats the objective of building better customer relationships.

2) Don’t use too many typefaces – keep it below 3: using too many typefaces in your email can make it look unprofessional and inconsistent.

3) Include a branded signature: adding a branded signature can take your email from just a generic email to something more personal and professional.

4) Keep your email list clean: having a regular “scrub” of your contact list will help boost your engagement rates and also reduce your bounce rates.

5) Include your logo: adding your logo ensures consistency across all your marketing, whilst also helping to build brand identity.

6) Include personalisation: humans interact better with marketing that is tailored specifically to them, rather than generically sent.

7) Test your subject lines (A/B testing): there are lots of things that can affect the open rate of your email marketing, however, your subject line is often what tempts your audience to read what you have sent them. Testing A/B subject lines can help assess and tailor subject lines that captivate your audience best.

8) Ensuring your email list is GDPR compliant: under GDPR you need to collect freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent to be able to email your audience. It is therefore essential that you do not email anyone who has not opted-in to receive your correspondence.

9) Optimise for mobile: with most people accessing their emails on their phones, it is essential that you optimise your campaigns for mobile reading – if you don’t, your customers will likely disengage from your content.

10) Always ensure there is an option to unsubscribe: you are legally required to provide an unsubscribe option from your email marketing. Allowing your audience to unsubscribe if they are unengaged can, as mentioned above, actually help to improve your email marketing.

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