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Helping advertise your business with offline marketing techniques

More about media buying

Offline Marketing refers to any marketing that does not involve digital marketing methods and strategies. Many businesses need that offline presence to compliment their digital efforts. All tactics will be discussed depending on the relevancy. KMedia have many years' experience in media buying so you can be confident we will ensure to get you the best price for your advertising.

If you want to know more regarding using offline marketing channels to promote your business, please get in touch


Offline Marketing is often perceived as “old-school” marketing with the likes of Press being the first on people’s minds, however this is not the case. Some media buying channels are lower cost than digital therefore giving them a higher ROI. 

Offline Marketing is a great tool for brand awareness. Being able to target a large audience all at once is what you can almost guarantee from certain tactics. 

Granted a lot of offline marketing plans are harder to report on due to the lack of tracking involved. For example, if you put an advert on the back of a bus in a busy City, you wouldn’t know for sure how many people had seen this advert or even acted on it. What you would know is if your business had an increase in traffic from that area, so from this you would make the assumption that they had seen the advert (providing there were no other campaigns in that area during the same time period).


KMedia has experience in the following offline marketing tactics:

  • Radio (including DAX) 

  • Billboards

  • Bus backs

  • Direct Mail 

  • Bus stops

  • Petrol pumps

  • Product placement

  • Train station billboard adverts 

  • Shopping centre billboard adverts 

  • Events / Trade shows 

  • Sponsorships 

  • Taxi advertising 

  • Press

  • Networking 

  • Print Advertising including leaflets / brochures 

  • Business cards

“good marketing makes the company look smart. great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

joe chernov

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