For your added peace of mind, KMedia have the following; 

ICO Registered

To ensure that your customer database is used in the correct way, complying with GDPR, KMedia are ICO registered. "Certification is a way of demonstrating that your processing of personal data complies with the GDPR requirements, in line with the accountability principle. Certification can help demonstrate data protection in a practical way to businesses, individuals and regulators."

"Certification is a way to demonstrate your compliance with the GDPR and enhance transparency.

Certification criteria should reflect the needs of small and medium sized enterprises.

Certification criteria are approved by the ICO and certification issued by accredited certification bodies.

Certification will be issued to data controllers and data processors in relation to specific processing activities."

For more information, please visit the ICO website here

Professional Liability Insurance

"Cover is provided on a civil liability basis and specifically provides cover for claims made against you for legal liability arising from:

  • Unintentional infringement of 

    intellectual property rights including copyright

  • Any form of defamation

  • Product disparagement

  • Breach of duty in the sale or supply of a product

  • Negligent acts, negligent 

    misstatement or negligent misrepresentation

  • Breach of license to use a third party’s trademarked or copyrighted matter

  • Dishonesty of employees"

If you require a copy of my insurance policy, please contact me

Cyber Security Insurance 

"Provides cover for:

  • Damage to computer systems, data and your loss of business income following a cyber event

  • Costs incurred if you are a victim of cyber crime

  • Data breach expenses if you fail to keep your data privacy obligations

  • Cyber liability – third party liability 

    including defence costs"

If you require a copy of my insurance policy, please contact me

*Kerry Metcalfe trading as KMedia*