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Content Creation Made Easy

Firstly let me say... I've NEVER ran a FREE online course before so buckle up and prepare for a jam packed 5 days where I dive into content creation for social media including researching topics, creating the videos and graphics all the way to scheduling it. 

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October 2023

*This course is NOT live. As long as you've registered... each day, the next stages will be uploaded and you will have full access to this course until 31st October 2023 to complete at a time that suits you*

➡️ Do you feel super un-organised with your content? 

➡️ Are you posting for the sake of posting?

➡️ Not sure how to save time and be on top of your planning?

➡️ Wondering just how you can create a months' worth of content in a short space of time? 

I've got you covered! 

Here's what I'll be covering: 

Day 1 🗓️ - Get organised! I'll be giving you my exact content calendar I use to plan and organise all my content and ideas. I'll walk you through step-by-step of each area of the template.

Day 2 🔎 - All about the research. I'll give you some amazing hints and tips on where to find the best content ideas when you're just all out of 'creative juice'. I'll then walk you through how to use the content calendar to plan a whole months' worth of content! 

Day 3 📸 - Let's get creative. Want to know how to quickly create amazing reels? I'll be giving you the best tips to ensure your camera roll is full of reel-ready content. I'll also be covering static posts and carousel creation in Canva. 

Day 4 ✍🏼 - Time to talk. Here, I'll be covering the caption writing process and also touching on hashtags... yup there's a place for these in my content calendar template. 

Day 5 ⏰ - Schedule and sit back. I'll talk you through how to schedule your content ahead of time using Meta Business Suite, including some top tips to ensure your content is suitable for each platform. 

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